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Redefining "Skyscraper National Park"

PopUP Forest: Times Square will transform a public plaza in Times Square into a large-scale, temporary installation. Between March 18 and April 17, 2015 we raised $40,404 through contributions from 581 people from all around the world!  This funding is supporting the design for the Times Square installation - tentatively slated for May 2017.  

PopUP Forest: Times Square has two main objectives:

  • Create an urban oasis for wildlife and for New Yorkers to get to know the nature that lives nearby.
  • Foster a movement to re-define cities with nature in mind. This is critical as more people now live in cities than rural areas, making the world an urban place. 

Mature trees will replace the towering buildings and lights of Times Square as flowering shrubs and understory vegetation provide beautiful visuals and important sustenance to migrating birds and pollinating insects. A live broadcast of wildlife sounds from Inwood Hill Park will cancel out the urban cacophony.

Having reached our Kickstarter goal, we are now underway developing the first steps of this project. The funding is facilitating design, marketing, and outreach materials, project development, and a public prototype to help secure the estimated $500,000 cost of PopUP Forest: Times Square.

To create a resilient and livable New York City, we have to move beyond defining it as Kurt Vonnegut's "Skyscraper National Park".  By showcasing the city's green assets, PopUP Forest: Times Square will lead the way in helping urbanites re-define what cities can be.