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the nature near you needs you

PopUP Forest is going global

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What is a

PopUP Forest

PopUP Forests are temporary & immersive natural area experiences in un-natural places

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What We Do

PopUP Forest creates immersive, nature-based experiences that amplify grassroots efforts for biodiversity conservation.

We're growing a global movement of nature stakeholders to build a greener, more resilient urban future.

Biodiversity conservation receives limited policy engagement and little media coverage



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Mobilize civic support for urban wild places to drive momentum towards the 2020 U.N. accord.



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Our Legacy

We're creating opportunities for equitable access to nature for all city dwellers...

Marielle Anzelone

through community engagement and programming

Marielle Anzelone

through outdoor classroom education

Marielle Anzelone

through systems-level intervention and legislation

"Every hour, three species disappear."

Ahmed Djoghlaf

Former Executive Secretary of the U.N. Convention on Biological Diversity

Why We Care

Most people think nature is only in far away places, filled with rivers, mountains, and polar bears. But nature is also all around us, where we live - in cities. Loss of biodiversity is happening everywhere. Globally: Insects are lost. Wildflowers are disappearing. Species are going extinct.

Going Global

Pan the map to check out which cities we're visiting!

We want to activate 10,000 people in 20 cities around the world, including Birmingham UK, Cape Town SA, Bogota COL, Jakarta IND, New York USA, and Nairobi KEY.

Let's Talk Trees!

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