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The success of the 2022 U.N. biodiversity accord is critical given the dangerous decline of the natural world. The 2019 IPBES Global Assessment estimated that an unprecedented 1 million animal and plant species are threatened with extinction. These ecological losses resonate emotionally and reverberate globally. Transformative changes are needed to restore and protect nature everywhere.


A movement is growing, calling for a New Deal for Nature and People, to inject a sense of urgency into the political decision-making process. This global effort is mobilizing civic support for urban wild places to drive momentum towards the 2022 U.N. accord. We need an international spectacle to ignite a grassroots nature movement.


A collective of temporary nature installations celebrating local biodiversity through a blend of science and art. When activated in cities around the world, PopUP Forests will create a groundswell of support and media attention, creating a “Paris moment” for the U.N. biodiversity summit. Afterwards, pieces of the PopUPs live on as permanent green spaces.

PopUP Forest in Manhattan
children holding wildflowers
Marielle Anzelone with mobile PopUP Forest in Brooklyn
New York City students talk to a reporter about the PopUP Forest
children learning about nature in the Bronx

a 'PR' Event for nature

The Model:
PopUP Forest: New York

Weaving nature into New Yorkers' everyday lives

We raised $40,404 from 581 people around the world for our PopUP Forest launch on Kickstarter. Our ideas inspired people around the globe to define their city differently - from Singapore to London to Lima, Peru. We started a global conversation about re-wilding nature in cities. PopUP Forest received world-wide media coverage, including CBS News TV, Paris Metro, and German public radio.

Repurposed green materials from our pop-up projects are used to create pockets of nature on city blocks to connect wildlife and humans.

Reimagining street trees as mini forests. Image by Marielle Anzelone

Your Opportunity

This model will be used to replicate and scale similar efforts in other cities around the world. Activations will look different in every city to reflect the communities they represent. All PopUPs will connect the local community to nearby nature and promote ecological education, green design and policy initiatives. Our team will guide and support participants through our framework for activation and engagement with local government, citizens, and organizations.  Join us!

PopUP Forest is fiscally sponsored by the Open Space Institute, Inc. as part of its Citizen Action Program.

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