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May 11, 2018


Most people think of nature as “out there”, a far away place with mountains and polar bears. But nature is also here, all around us, everyday.

It's even in New York City. The Big Apple has more nature than any other city in North America. Yet these forests, marshes and meadows are in a constant battle against neglect and development.

Loss of biodiversity is happening in New York City and everywhere else: Insects are dying around the world. Wildflowers are disappearing at an alarming rate. 1/3 of U.S. species is vulnerable to extinction. It's a global crisis, so why does climate change get all the news coverage?

This is the thing with nature - we need to be invested in it or we lose it.



Nature is an underutilized urban resource. We’re activating civic engagement around urban wild places to locally address the global crisis of biodiversity loss. Won’t you join us?

First stop – Brooklyn Bridge! Where else should we go? Let us know on Instagram. Follow @nycbotanist & use #popupforest


If you are in New York City, come out and join the fun!


Take a nature selfie amidst skyscrapers

See kids in extinct species costumes

Grab a free plant and get gardening

Not in New York? Watch as it happens on Facebook Live.

Teachers can download science curriculum + watch the forest bike ride in classrooms with their students on Facebook Live.


May 12-20, 2018 is NYC Wildflower Week.


PopUP Forest marks the 10th year of NYC Wildflower Week so, get out into New York City's nature:

Botanical walks – experts ID everything

Garden tours – wildflowers are everywhere

Interactive nature fair – sounds super cool

•And lots of opportunities to explore and see your city differently.

Best part? It’s free! See the calendar of events.



We're creating opportunities for equitable access to nature for all New Yorkers

through community engagement + programming

through community engagement + programming

through outdoor classroom education

through outdoor classroom education

through systems-level interventions + legislation

through systems-level interventions + legislation

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We're growing a movement of nature stakeholders to build a more sustainable + resilient urban future. Join us!